Monday, August 1, 2011

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 9th

Educational Focus for Breastfeeding Providers

Skin to Skin in the First Hour After Birth: 
Practical Advice for Staff after Vaginal and Cesarean Birth

This training is provided by The Healthy Children Project.  Presented by DVD, it is intended to assist staff in providing behaviorally appropriate, individualized, baby adapted care for the full term newborn using the best practice of skin to skin      contact in the first hour after birth.  It includes practical advice for providers     working with women after both vaginal and cesarean births.

Meeting will be held at the Fairbanks Public  Health Center on Tuesday, August 9th from 12-1PM.  RSVP to Laura at 451-1632 for information.  Feel free to bring a lunch and children are welcome.  We will have a small play space for them adjoining our meeting area 
We look forward to seeing you there!

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